auditok, an AUDIo TOKenization tool Documentation Status

auditok is an Audio Activity Detection tool that can process online data (read from an audio device or from standard input) as well as audio files. It can be used as a command line program and offers an easy to use API.

The latest version of this documentation can be found at Readthedocs.


auditok can be used with standard Python!

However, if you want more features, the following packages are needed:

  • Pydub : read audio files in popular audio formats (ogg, mp3, etc.) or extract audio from a video file.
  • PyAudio : read audio data from the microphone and play back detections.
  • matplotlib : plot audio signal and detections (see figures above).
  • numpy : required by matplotlib. Also used for math operations instead of standard python if available.
  • Optionally, you can use sox or [p]arecord for data acquisition and feed auditok using a pipe.


Install with pip:

sudo pip install auditok

or install the latest version on Github:

git clone
cd auditok
sudo python install

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